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Wandering (Bhikku) Buddha Statue Made of Natural Stone (Black/Grey)

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  • Bhikkhu Literally means "beggar" in Buddhism which shows Buddha left lavish life and started to work for upliftment of society.Buddha Statue shows the potential for purity, harmony, and quality that is joined within each human and every sentient being. If you need to take it a step further, prefer a power to work in your habitation holding a special mudra to improve your refined goals. Every mudra has some sense and purpose behind the sign.
  • Mudras are used within yoga and meditation practice to move, command, and sealing prana within the body. The Buddha Garden Statue shows the potential for truth, peace, and honesty that is connected to each human and every sentient being.
  • The stone in which the statue is made is called "Palewa" locally and is found naturally in certain parts of Bihar (a state in India). Palewa is a soapstone which is a type of metamorphic rock, which retains heat well and has a high magnesium content; it is also naturally non‒porous and sturdy making it perfect stone for statues. the statue is in grey finish and has antique details and intricate design.In colonial times these stones were used for pavements on streets.
  • The statue is made by the skilled artisans of Bihar , who have acquired the skills from their forefather and still sculpt it in the same way as it was done in olden days just by using chisel and hammer.This statue of Buddha is very hard to find and considered one of the rarest Buddhist artefacts. The statue is brought to you by "Vintage Bihar" and is available in various sizes which can be customised according to the demand of the customer, absolutely free of cost.
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