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Nandi Statue made of Natural Stone

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  • The meaning of the name of Nandi is happiness , which is the name given to the bull belonging to the Lord Shiva. As a symbol of Shiva, the Nandi represents power, virility, joy, and delight, as well as a controlled potential for destructiveness. When carved as a free-standing figure, the Nandi is always shown in a resting position that emphasizes the calmer aspect of its power. Nandi statue symbolizes the eternal waiting which is considered as one of the greatest virtues of the Indian culture.
  • Nandi statue is best suited facing the north direction or south west direction. Also it best serves the purpose when placed in front of the shivling facing lord shiva in the worship place. It should never be placed in bedroom or bathroom or beside the adjoining walls.
  • The statue is made out of stone called “Palewa” locally which is a soft soap stone which is also sturdy .The stone is so hard that it has been used as pavement since the colonial times. It has been used for making the statue since the medieval times. It is grey in color with very fine and intricate carvings
  • The statue is made b y the skilled artisans of Bihar , who have acquired the skills from their forefather and still sculpt it in the same way as it was done in olden days just by using chisel and hammer.
  • The statue is brought to you by “ Vintage Bihar” and available in various sizes .It can be customized according to the demand of the customer absolutely free of cost.The weights of the statue according to the size of the statue are 4 inch - 0.3 Kg, 5 inch - 0.4 kg,6 inch -0.8 kg. 7 inch -1 kg, 8 inch - 2 kg, 10 inch- 4 kg, 12 inch-10 kg.
  • Regularly washing stone statues removes surface buildup to protect their original beauty. To clean the statues first wash the statue with clean water and then scrub it with soft wet cotton cloth and clean brush. After scrubbing again wash it with clean fresh water. It is advisable to never use cleaning agents, strong detergents, sprays and polishes to clean or attempt to alter the surface texture - to make it glossy or give it a matte finish.
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